Sunday, April 25, 2010

Too many ideas, too little time

Keeping focused on my current work-in-progress is always a challenge. Like every other writer, I am my own boss. I set the hours; plan the projects and my deadlines (mostly). I have a cast of characters clamoring to be freed. So?
Recently the distractions have piled up. I’m itching to be outside. The winter was long wet and cold. Thankfully, I finished the latest manuscript, titled Ancient Blood a follow-up to Ancient Awakening, and sent it off to my editor. Time to relax? I took a short trip to Pennsylvania. Lovely country to visit in the spring and I enjoyed talking to the local people, but it didn’t add any pages to my next work. I’m itching to get to writing again. Now my allergy to pine pollen is driving me crazy. I need a break from myself. I’m having company for dinner and I invited them. I cleaned the house. I even cleaned my desk top.
What’s my problem?
I have the opposite of writer’s block. I am complaining about a plethora of ideas. That’s really stupid. I take the time to write them as they percolate through my mind. I must have a dozen good starts. What to write, where to start, which plot line grabs me the strongest? I flipped a coin and started the next book in the Rhodes End series with something I dreamed. That seems to be my usual starting point.

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