Friday, May 21, 2010

Current Good Reads

Sometimes, just the simple pleasure of devouring a good book is a necessity. I grew up on Dick, Jane, Spot, and The Bobbsey Twins. Then I moved on to Cherry Ames and Nancy Drew. Today, my interests are varied and often quirky. Whatever the book, if my mind is engaged them I'm game.

I like catchy covers. If a title tweaks my interst, this reader is totally drawn in. An author's voice often prompts me to pick up another book he or she has written. Since the beginning of the month, I've escaped into The Joining by Erica Sands. This Scarlet Rose author knows how to create a gripping, steamy love story. I couldn't turn the pages of He of the Fiery Sword fast enough. Skhye Moncrief's poetic use of words and humorous double entendres breathes life into this sexy tale. Oh. Our hero's a dragon, so no pun intended. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown - well, now I know more about secret societies and building in Washington, DC than I did before. I loved his other books, but Brown's study of a demented mind almost seemed more important than the lost symbol. The final book I read, Effective Instruction by Jim Burke, I also led a book study on. As a vice principal (along with parent conferences, suspensions, and reports) I get to do this sort of thing for professional development in school. So if you're called upon to teach anything, anywhere, Burke explains in simple terms how to delve deeper into a topic. Workshop presenters can find great tips here as well.

I'm currently between books. First on my TBR list is a new paranormal romance by a fellow Black Rose author. It's got a fantastic cover, and I can't wait to take the plunge.

Happy reading to all ~ Mickey

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