Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day and the most I hope to read is the newspaper and a manuscript that's due. LOL
But when I do read, I tend to stick to a few of my favorites depending on my mood.
For hot, paranormal reads, I pick up anything by Sherrilyn Kenyon or her alter ego Kinley MacGregor for a good historical. Her Dark Hunters are the masters of alpha males.
I love a good western and the one I find to be well-written and enticing are (believe it or not) Irish westerns written by C.H. Admirand. This author blends bits of her Irish heritage into her works and weaves a wonderful tale of strong women and tough men brought together in the wild, wild, west.
When I'm in the mood for something erotic, I tend to lean toward Ruby Storm, Lynne LeFleur, Dianna Hunter, Cait Miller, or Tara Nina (oh that's me) HaHa!

Tell me who you like to read and what they write and why you like them.
I'll check back to see if you and I like similar works.
Have a great Mother's Day.
Tara Nina
Hot Romance with a Sexy Attitutde

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