Sunday, May 30, 2010

I can't believe it's that time again. Time flies when you're having fun, right? And doesn't it always seem to vanish before your eyes come summer? There's always so many activities~ weddings, graduations, picnics, vacations, baseball games... to keep me busy that I find it hard to read this time of the year. I stockpile my TBR pile and hold out til the snow is glistening on the ground, the winds are whipping and trying to get under my sills and my fire is crackling with red and blue flames. I have either a cup of tea or glass of wine ~ mood depending and lose myself with anything paranormal.

The one woman who inspired me to write was Laurell K Hamilton. The woman's imagination is infinite. Her Anita Blake vampire series keeps me under covers and Jean Claud is one hot vamp to die for ~ literally.

Rivalering her work is my next choice: Karen Marie Moning with her Highlander series and her Dark Fae series. Both have left me sobbing in tears, one Highlander book so much I immediately wrote her a letter and told her how moving the book had been and what it meant to me. I'd recently lost my dad to pancreatic cancer and had yet to shed a tear. Shock was clearly present. Then I read her book about turning back time to save the heroine's mother from Ovarian cancer by educating her early. Anyway, 2 tissue boxes and one hot mess later I sat down and began writing.
That woman knows how to throw a curve ball better than AJ Burnett.

3rd pick is Kim Harrison, who has a blog she follows and does her best to get back to people leaving her notes. She is curteous and a thrill to talk to her. I love her heroine Rachel M. Morgan. And Jinx, her pixie.

In 2 weeks our local chapter is having our 4th annual conference where I will support our local authors and get all my books ready for the winter months. Hope you all have a safe and Happy Memorial Day.

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  1. I've read a few books of Karen Marie Moning from the Highland series. I have to say Immortal Highlander is my favorite. Sexy, funny and dangerous. It was fun adventure.