Saturday, May 1, 2010

May Magic

The magic of May brings sunshine, daffodils and the promise of summer...or does it? It's raining, the wind is blowing and while not quite cold, it's definitely chilly. In other words, it's a good day to stay inside and read. So the question posed this month is what we are reading? On this gray day, I'm reading a book that seems to mirror the mood outside my window, The Vampire in Europe, by Montague Summers, copyright 1929! Now you're probably asking why on earth I'm reading something written some 70 years ago instead of a great romance. It's simple really, as much as I love romance, I like non-fiction as well, particularly when it's on a topic near and dear to the heart of a Black Rose reader/writer. Couple that with the workshop I'm giving at the RWA Nationals in Nashville this summer on vampires and it makes perfect sense. Of course, the cover intrigues me too. It's very Gothic which is how it caught my attention in the dusty little store where I bought it. I find the most interesting books in little out-of-the way bookstores.
Now, I should get back to my book and if you happen to be at RWA Nationals in July, stop on by my workshop. I'll share a little of what I read today. Happy reading.

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