Saturday, May 15, 2010

Reading Challenges

I have a huge TBR (to-be-read) pile. During my 12 years of working in a bookstore, I’ve amassed quite a collection. It’s difficult not to when you place an avid reader in her favorite store. Give her a paycheck and a discount and she’ll go stark raving insane. When I started working I had a handful of favorite authors but after being surrounded by those influencing co-workers (fellow book addicts!) and our book seeking customers, I’ve been introduced to many more authors than I would have ever known otherwise. And although I’m joyous to discover so many new books, I have to admit, there are not as many hours in a day as I would like to read. So, given that I have an ever-increasing pile of books, I joined a challenge this year so I can track my progress in reading through all of those wonderful gems I’ve collected.

It’s simple and its fun. I belong to GoodReads and one of the groups I’ve joined is called Romance Readers Reading Challenges. There are many different challenges you can choose from but the best part is that it encourages you to read those books that you just haven’t gotten to yet. The one I joined is the A to Z book challenge. You have a year to read a list of titles, of your choosing, and each of those titles must start with a letter from the alphabet. You can share your progress with others who are participating in the challenge. Other challenges include the A to Z author challenge, which is the same idea as the book challenge only with authors first or last names beginning with the letters from the alphabet. There are various monthly challenges as well as yearly challenges. There’s even a make your own reading challenge, where you list your own goals for what and how many books you plan to read. Certainly, there is a challenge for everyone who loves reading books.

For my own part in this book challenge, I’ve read 17 books with 9 more to go this year. I’m reading randomly so this week I just finished reading Q for Queen of Winter, an anthology with stories written by Lynn Kurland, Claire Delacroix, Sharon Shinn, and Sarah Monette. I’m on to T now and I’ve picked the Got Wolf anthology, Taming of the Wolf Volume II, (by our beloved Black Rose authors!) including stories from Isabel Roman, Autumn Shelley, Dariel Raye, Renee Wildes, and Karilyn Bentley.

If you feel adventurous, I welcome you to join me in these challenges. They’re fun and the best part is they are all about reading books!


  1. I would love to work in a bookstore - but I am quite sure I would be working for books. LOL Just keep my paycheck, I'll take this lot. :)

    I've never participated in a reading challenge, but this one sounds very straight forward.

    Best to you,

  2. That sounds like an interesting Challenge. I wish you luck.