Friday, May 7, 2010

What are you reading?

Hello, and happy May to everyone. The topic is what are you reading and why. I have several library cards, and I'm using the majority of them right now. I have a stack of research books, and they're mostly on history. I'm a very busy person, so during my bus and train ride coming home from work every night, I'm reading. I read during my free time at work as well.

As for fiction, i read so many books at one time, yikes, I can't list one favorite author. I generally go for genre first, typically romance, then the sub-genre, and it differs all the time. For example, I recently read a Western romance by Heidi Betts that was pretty good. But If i'm in the mood for Medieval, I might read something by Mary Reed McCall or other good writers of the era.

I really adore time travel fiction though, so I'll pick up any i can find. I recently read a thick book entitled "The best time travel stories" or something like that, filled with tales by science fiction writers. Now I like science fiction, but after reading that book with its good stories, I think I'll lean more toward romantic time travel stories in the future because I prefer happy endings. Do you get more out of a book if it has a happy ending?

At home, I sit at my computer and enjoy tales by lesser known authors who publish with epubs. Of course, as an editor, a lot of good work comes across my desk.
Happy reading! -Corinne


  1. I just finished Suzanne Collins's Hunger Games and Catching Fire. Excellent YA post-apocolyptic stories. Also reading Dion Fortune books for research. I have a dozen books checked out from the library, but it seems so little time to read everything.

  2. Hi Corinne!
    I like medieval/time-travel as well as all the paranormal I can get my hands on! Right now I'm reading the latest Sookie Stackhouse but my 'to-read' pile is getting taller everyday! Research wise it's anything from the Holy Bible to the Malleus Mallificarum. (And of course, don't forget my current 'living research' I'm doing in 'Man-World' (see my blog for more info:
    Nothing like immersing yourself in a new environment to get all kinds of ideas for characters and story lines!
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