Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Amazon Kindle

While learning the ‘self-promo’ ropes at Amazon, I started browsing, hitting the forums, finding books I’d likely never find in a bookstore. Now mind you, I have such a vast collection of paperbacks it’d make your head spin. In fact, I vowed I’d never go the electronic route. Why would I? Ebooks couldn’t compare to the weight of a book in my hand, the smell of freshly printed pages, the earmarks that I lovingly put there. Besides, the glare of a computer while reading a story gives me a headache. Printed books don’t do that.

Despite my reservations, I began to realize that─in the publication world─the future is nearly upon us. Electronic books will eventually make extinct printed books. Besides, I wanted the availability of so many publications. So I took the leap. I bought a Kindle.

What do I think of my first E-reader, the Kindle? *Wide Grin* Cha-ching! Money well spent. It’s super easy to use. Naturally, they provide a link to Amazon Kindle. In addition, I can access the internet, email, you name it. Finished online? Press ‘home’ and I’m back to my list of purchased books. Have to turn it off quickly, no time to bookmark? No worries. The minute I turn it on again it puts me back on the page of the book I was reading! It isn’t too heavy. I’d say a little less than the weight of a hardcover. Then again─as you can see in the picture attached to this post─I have it in a jacket. So, by itself, weighs even less.

My favorite feature of the Kindle? No glare! No headache! The words against the screen are nearly identical to the black print of the words against the pages of a paperback. AND, unlike a laptop you can read from the Kindle in the blazing sun. Clear as day!

All right, I believe I’ve rambled on enough. Hope you found this post helpful. Any questions? Want to know the nitty-gritty’s about the Kindle I didn’t get around to mentioning? Leave a comment!



  1. Thanks for sharing about your experience with the Kindle. Since I haven't purchased an e-reader of any kind, its nice to see how everyone likes theirs. I love to no glare in the sun. Points for the Kindle. :)

  2. Hi Micki,

    I don't have an e-reader, but everyone I know with one loves it. Most of them got them as gifts. I wouldn't buy one. They are just too expensive. When they get to $20.00, I'll go to the head of the line. Right now for $200.00 and then I have to buy the book -- no thanks.

    When you go on vacation, how many books do you really read, one, maybe two if you fly a long distance. Two books are not too many to carry. And carrying around twenty or thirty books in an e-reader doesn't make you read any faster.

    Right now I have an iPod and I only got that six months ago. One good thing about the iPod is I listen to books that I wouldn't take the time to read.

    So, I'm waiting for the e-readers to come down in price and then I'll consider buying one.