Wednesday, June 16, 2010

E-reading and Readers....

Ironically, I have no idea what one of these eReaders even looks like, and have never seen one in action, so I admit to curiosity. In the (highly) unlikely event that I ever own one, it will be interesting to see if I find occasion to use it. I write a lot of shorter length books, and most of my catalogue is not available in paperback, so I can fully appreciate the love people have for these electronic devides that mean you can carry a small library with you wherever you go. It sounds like a wonderful plan, honestly.

Since the Reader discussion is sort of a dead issue for me, I thought I'd mention a couple of very cool books that I have read recently. One of them is ROMANZO: Love and Corruption Italian Style, which is a kind of love story, but not a typical romance. Also, if anyone is looking for a fabulous cookbook, (yes, I did say cookbook, I read anything that catches my attention!), try this one: Breading Bread In L'Aquila. The nice thing about the second one is that all profits go to aid the rebuilding of the earthquake ravaged city of L'Aquila, and the surrounding towns, so it's a double win situation if you like to cook and help! (I was asked recently to write a news article about this particular disaster/tragedy, using my non-Italian/International voice to remind people of the help that is still needed there. I was honoured, believe me, and I wrote the piece with great care. If anyone is interested, the link is listed below, or CLICK HERE)

I've got stacks of books, all genres, waiting to be read. There's not end to the titles I could suggest, so I'd best leave it at the last two I finished. My current reading is a fabulous eBook called A Sicilian Romance - it's 240 pages, and a free download - and the writing is superb. If you check out the site I picked it up from, you discover many historical novels available for the price of $1 - you read that correctly, a dollar. I just grabbed another called Vendetta that is 550 pages, and it was $1 - so how can you argue with that?

ROMANZO: Love and Corruption Italian Style
L'Aquila: Remembering One Year Later
Scandalous Books - Historical Novels


  1. The famous "Mrs. Radcliffe" of Regency heroine reading taste fame!

    Must check that out!

  2. Ann Radcliffe - the book was written in 1790, if memory serves me - and it's one beautiful, lyrical read, believe me!! ALL the books on that site are stunning.....