Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Love My NOOK!

Taking the E-Reader Plunge…

As far as e-reader’s go, I held off for a long while, not because I didn’t want one, but because I wanted to see which one readers’ had the least problems with and could do what I wanted, like download the growing e-library I already have on my PC. Many of these books I won in contests, but haven’t read because I can’t get past the first chapter while sitting at my PC.

I want to curl up on my sofa or stretch out on a lawn chair in good weather for pleasure reading. Sitting at my PC feels too much like work, since I spend my afternoons writing, typing and promoting my books. And while I love print books, I end up with a houseful of used books that I struggle to get rid of. No one seems to want my cast offs anymore.

An e-reader would be a great help in that department, as well.

I haven’t had my NOOK very long, but already I’ve learned how to download books from my PC—as easy as saving a file on a thumb drive—and I’ve read a sample chapter on the NOOK and like the screen. It’s as close to reading a print page as I can get, plus it automatically saves my place. And B&N has just lowered the price considerably. So, if you've been holding off on taking the e-reader plunge, now might just be the time.


  1. Aren't ebook readers great? I love being able to get my hands on my must-reads immediately. I haven't had a chance to play with the Nook yet. I'm glad to hear your review of it. :-)

  2. Thanks for commenting, Dorothy! I'm really glad I invested in an e-reader. Those e-books on my computer were just sitting there waiting to be read! I've held out as long as I could, but the time was just right.

  3. I'm in complete agreement. I love my NOOK too! Especially now with the new upgrades. I can check Facebook and my email so I never feel out of touch as long as I can find a wi-fi connection. Also love that I get alerts for updates to my computer so I don't miss a thing!

  4. I love my Nook, too! Finally splurged, after playing with a friend's Kindle. I liked both, but eventually went with the Nook because I really enjoy browsing in the store with it. I feel like I'm at least kind of supporting a local store! Also - I love the color screen - the book covers look so good, very easy to browse and find what I want.