Saturday, June 5, 2010

June? How did that happen?

Isn't it crazy that the heat is on and swim suits are... Okay. I'm soooo not ready for a swim suit! Lord when did they get so small? Or maybe that isn't the problem...*scratches head*

Okay... I have a Nook that Santa gave me just the other day... and it is filled with books to read by the pool in my not so itsy, bitsy... I did read Brenda Huber's Mine. Which any of you vamp lovers really should pick up.

I'm going to be at Coffee Time Romance for their June Jubilee on the 30th of June which also happens to be my release day for Embracing the Wolf. So by all means, stop on over and wave. I'll be doing the post about my release next month and will probably be giving away some free be's, so stay tuned.

*ding dong* oh, sorry guys, have to go work out with Sven. My doesn't he look good in his 'swim trunks'

Ta, ta!

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