Friday, June 4, 2010

To e-read or Not to e-read

I love the feel of a book in my hands, especially my own book! When I first opened the box containing my beautiful book, I felt so proud. So accomplished. It was a dream come true for me. I just can’t explain the feeling. I picked it up, flipped through the pages and fell in love with paperbacks all over again.

I’ve always loved reading paperbacks. They feel so much more “comfortable” in the hands than a hardback and they are so much more convenient.

When I’m reading a paperback, I can just toss it in my purse or beach bag and take it with me. It’s lightweight, portable, and I don’t have to worry with keeping the book cover in place, or preventing it from bunching up in my hands or blowing away. It’s just so much easier to carry and to read than a hardback book.

Of course, I own a few hardbacks. They’re on my keeper shelf. They look so much nicer and more “sophisticated” on my bookshelf than paperbacks. And most all my reference books are hardbacks. They keep better than paperbacks. So I’m not totally anti-hardback. And trust me, if a publisher ever wanted to release one of my books in hardback, I would NOT complain.

But, after hearing so much about e-readers I got to thinking. Maybe an e-reader would be nice. I thought it might be a good idea to have one if I could ever afford to visit my daughter in Germany again. An e-reader would be nice on a long trip—a really convenient way to travel with multiple books and not fill up my carryon. But I was still thinking I’d always prefer paperbacks.

Then I saw an e-reader in action on the beach…

While I was struggling with bookmarks and keeping the wind from blowing my pages shut on my sunscreened hands, a woman two beach chairs over was casually reading from one of these small portable devices—and there was no glare on the screen. I could clearly see what she was reading from where I sat. I couldn’t read the actual words, but I could see the page clearly. And she wasn’t struggling to keep a book open or find her place when she came back from taking a dip in the ocean. She just lifted her book off the chair and picked up where she left off at the touch of a button.

Now, that looked cool. And I wanted one! Plus, I started noticing that some of my fellow Wild Rose Press authors had short stories available on e-readers that weren’t coming out in print. I was starting to feel left out. So, I started making noises about wanting an e-reader. And on Mother’s Day weekend, my dear sweet husband presented me with a Starbuck’s frozen latté…and a NOOK!

You could have blown me over with a light tap to my dazed forehead.

Of course, he said it was a late birthday, on time Mother’s Day and early anniversary present, but he was smiling as he grumbled about the price—which, by the way, wasn’t that bad considering how much money I will save on e-books versus paperbacks.

Or, maybe not! The first day I owned my NOOK I downloaded three books. I can also listen to music and access the internet and my email from my NOOK. It is totally cool.

I love the fact that I can read in bed—lying down! I don’t have to sit up. I can prop the NOOK on my knees and read holding it over my head if I want to. No pages to flop closed. No losing my place. And I can read with nothing more than my dim bedside lamp. It doesn’t even have to shine on the NOOK because there is no shadowing from the book cover or the curve of the other pages. I LOVE it! And when I took it to the beach Memorial weekend, I was absolutely sold!

With the NOOK, I can read more and read faster—which is a good thing until you consider the fact that I have purchased five books in two weeks and have read three of them!

I still like paperbacks. I love the covers and the fact that you can get an author to sign your copy. I happen to have a collection of autographed books. But for ease of reading, ease of purchasing, and book availability, I’m an e-reader fan all the way!

And I love the fact that OUT OF THE DARKNESS
is available in both electronic and print format. I’m hoping the wider availability of my book will generate more sales. I like to think it generated the 4.5 star review I received from Night Owl Reviews—


Megan Harper is a doctor who’s working on people who are extremely sensitive to sunlight. Her sister had that genetic problem and that drives her to find a cure.
Vincent Maxwell is a part of Lifeblood, a large blood donation bank. He wants Megan’s help and information. He is a vampire and at first Megan thinks that he has the same genetic problem her sister did.
As these two work together more twists and turns reveal themselves. Megan finds out Vincent’s secret. Will these two be able to have a happy relationship. Will they survive to be together?
Out of the Darkness is a Top Pick for me. I just loved the plot and the interaction between Vincent and Megan. The sensual scenes were hot and the ending was done just right. The villains were chilling and Vincent’s history compelling. This was an action packed and exciting read.

So, e-read or not to e-read? I think I’m an e-reader for life!


  1. I just got my Sony Pocket reader. My reasons were similar to yours. Loved having books in my hands but you can't cart around a trunkload of them all the time and so many books, novellas and shorts are out now -- digital first, perhaps digital only -- that I want/MUST read!
    Now I have a library in my purse all the time!

  2. And, another added benefit: No one on the subway or in the doctor's waiting room has to see those super hot sexy covers you'd rather keep to yourself!

  3. Like you, once I got my e-reader I was hooked! I'm never going back. I don't want to go back to holding a book open like a chump. ;-)

    It's frustrating when the book I want isn't available in e-book format. I've found that if I can't get the e-book, I probably won't buy it.

    The only thing I still want as print books are reference and how-to nonfiction.

    Congratulations on the TOP PICK!!!

  4. Terri,
    You're so funny. I laughed when I read the line about the hot covers because I have turned pink before while reading a book with a clinch cover and then noticing people practically standing on their head to see what it was! And thank you Dorothy! I was very pleased with the review.

  5. Ooh, I am getting closer and closer to getting that NOOK! It's on my wish list at B&N as we speak. I held out on e-readers too, love paperbacks, but am getting overwhelmed. The problem is getting rid of them once I've read them. And e-books are cheaper.

    Getting closer...closer...closer...