Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Best Book Ever?

If you could see my office (writing room) you'd understand the question mark. I have eight long bookshelves going from the floor to the ceiling in my writing room-- and then I have a bookcase. Given the selection it's hard to just pick one favorite book.
So what do I look for in a book? I want something that will transport me from where I am to someplace else. A special world. I tend to like happy endings, so most of the time I stick to romance, but the best book ever? What a hard question.

There are several books that I've read time and again and they're actually an odd assortment. Here they are and ironically most of them I first read before the age of twelve: A Wrinkle in Time, The Outsiders, The Hobbit, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Charlotte's Web, and The Long Winter.

I loved the strong science fiction slant in A Wrinkle in Time, Meg was such a great heroine and I loved the "Angels" Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Which, and Mrs. Who, not to mention the concept of space/time travel.

Back on planet Earth, The Outsiders, is a book I've purchased at least four times. Three times I loaned it out and it was never returned. I just loved the story of Ponyboy and Johnny. It was a teenage story with a strong hero. Who didn't love Ponyboy Curtis? I have to say as an adult, it doesn't hold the same appeal as it did when I was a teen.

I think everything by JRR Tolkein is amazing. He created a world and a language. I even named my little, skulking bearded dragon for one of his characters, Smeagol. But the Hobbit is amazing- I actually read it again just last year and still found it hard to actually stop reading it once I started. It's so layered and faceted.

The Witch of Blackbird Pond is still amazing today as well. Even though this was a young adult book it had a powerful message and a hint of romance. My love for historical continues with The Long Winter. This is part of the Little House series, but in this one Laura and her family must survive a winter when blizzard after blizzard takes it toll on the town.

But the book that always makes me cry is Charlotte's Web. I imagine I loved Charlotte because she was so eloquent. Even now I still find it fascinating that E.B. White made the world fall in love with a spider. She is every thing every heroine should be-with the exception of being eight-legged :-). And who could ever forget the way the book ends?
It isn't often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer. Charlotte was both. ~sigh~

I've recently added a few more to my favorites, The Harry Potter Series is great, Christopher Paolini's Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingir, Frank Peretti's Monster, and Delia DeLeest's Eye of the Beholder. (This last one is a TWRP book by the way.) Again-what a mix.

But I can't pick just one favorite, and I don't think I'll ever have just one. Now off to find a good book!

My upcoming Black Rose release is Endangered, but I'm also a historical gal, so if you like historical with a paranormal twist, check out The Last Promise, available at TWRP. And speaking of historical paranormal don't miss Paty Jager's Spirit of the Mountain (available in August), and check out author, Dorothy McFalls, who also writes paranormal historical romances. Happy Reading~ Mal

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