Tuesday, July 6, 2010

a Fourth of July, well technically a second of July hero

Hello, I hope everyone had a wonderful July Fourth weekend. It rained pretty hard on that night in my area, but I still heard the cracking of fireworks. My cats ran around the house like crazy, with the thunder and fireworks exploding for hours. I only wish I had gotten out to see the gorgeous fireworks this year.

I've always enjoyed seeing fireworks. I live in a mountainous state, and I'd have to say my favorite place to go on July Fourth is the beautiful town of Grand Lake. Ah, to see fireworks over the lake. Now that is something. And they play patriotic music. I took my phone out the year I got to go there and took the best pictures I could to remember this event. 30,000 people packed into that small mountain town to party. If only I could go every year. :)

Now I love history and am constantly reading books about many different eras. Have you ever heard of Caesar Rodney? No? He was very important to the cause of Independence for America. I read a story on him recently. Why do we know Paul Revere's name but not his? In the story I read, it explained that the 13 colonies had to all agree to fight for independence, or the idea would be defeated. It came down to one colony's vote. There were three delegates. One wanted independence, one didn't, and the third would be a tie-breaker.

Mr. Rodney was in favor of independence, but wasn't there to vote. On July first, his co-delegate hired the fastest rider he could find to ride through the night through a terrible storm. The man arrived at Mr. Rodney's house late with the urgent news. Mr. Rodney rode hard all the way back.

On July second, those in favor of independence tried to stall the vote. Time ticked away. The door flew open, and in walked Caesar Rodney, bedraggled. He voted, and the delegates decided to fight for independence. Here's another amazing thing: Mr. Rodney had cancer and had planned to go to England for treatment. When he voted to rebel, he lost his chance for treatment. So I ask, why don't more people know his name? -Corinne MacGregor, Black Rose editor.
p.s. are there any writers of Black Rose stories who also love history? It would be cool to see stories combining the two


  1. This post gave me goosebumps. As a breast cancer survivor, I can feel for this man and the great sacrifice he made for his country. As a lover of history, I realize his odds probably wouldn't have improved had he made it to England. There was no chemo or radiation back then. He would have been better off seeking a Native American Medicine Man for his treatments.

    I write paranormal and historical. I'm only published in paranormal-Out of the Darkness. But I agree, a paranormal historical would be fun! Kind of like those 19th century flashbacks they used to have on the old TV soap opera, Dark Shadows.

  2. What a great post! I knew about his ride, but not that he had cancer.

    I also like the paranormal/historical mix~
    Mallary Mitchell

  3. thanks for your comments! I was reading about him with a student during my day job. I wonder how many other great people in history there are yet to discover. Millions...
    Lilly, I'm glad you're okay now, and Mallary and Lilly, paranormal/historical mixes are so much fun. :)