Monday, July 19, 2010

How Can You Pick Just One Favorite Author?

I read a lot. I have authors I follow and I have favorite authors...for each genre. But to actually pick between the genres would be hard. I like science fiction, fantasy, paranormal romance, regency historical, and urban fantasy. But what I read depends on the mood and I can't say one is any better than another.

Anne McCaffrey in the science fiction arena still holds a piece of my heart. While I do love Pern quite a bit, my favorite series from her is the Crystal Singer trilogy. A great escape with music, gems, and world exploration.

Janny Wurts is my queen in epic fantasy. Great worldbuilding and in depth character exploration. Her Wars of Light and Shadow series spans hundreds of years and goes in depth in how politics and religion can change a world.

Anne Bishop's characters call to me. I live for the next Black Jewels book because I want to see what is happening in the lives of her characters.

These authors have been with me for years. I've had to replace books because I've read them so many times. Yes, I pick up new books and new authors. Ilona Andrews is an author I started reading about two years ago and recommend her for anyone looking for Urban Fantasy. But I still go back to my favorites. At least once a year I will read every book I have from these authors. That is what makes these authors favorites for me. No matter how many times I've read the story before, I still look forward to reading it again.


  1. I have favorites that I reread too. Heather Gladney, Raven Hart, Hannah Howell, Karen Marie Moning, Christine Feehan... So many others. I loved the Crystal Singer series. What a great concept that was.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Kayelle.

    The Crystal Singer books were the first ones that made me say, "I want to write a book like that." Even before I knew I wanted to write.

  3. I have a bunch of favorite authors, and it is so hard to pick one!

    Anne McCaffrey is definitely on my list!

  4. Aubrie - I think she's on a lot of lists. ;) I believe she was the Stephanie Myer of our times...even if she didn't get all the hype.

  5. You are so right! Picking one author just isn't possible...especially when you're a writer. We must read what we write, so in exploring the genres we write in, I personally have fallen in love with many authors...too many to mention! And then so many are being born into the publishing industry! So many little time!

  6. Arial - Totally agree. And there is the readers whine: "Why do I have to wait another year to get my next fix?"

    Even though I am an author and know how long it takes to write a book....I still can't wait for the next book in a series.

  7. I have favorites, too. I agree, you can't just pick one author. I need my fixes depending on my mood--Paranormal and fantasy, western romances, medieval tales or a good dose of horror is sometimes just what I need.