Friday, July 23, 2010

Thrill me, chill me

Anytime I'm asked what my favorite book is, it takes me oh about a second or so to answer: Rebecca. Yup, the 1938 classic novel by Daphne du Maurier is hands down my all time favorite novel. What's not to love about this book? I mean it's got it all: romance, passion, murder, a psychopath, a hint of the supernatural, mystery and a happy-ever-after ending. The first time I read it, I was just a teenager and immediately drawn to the romance between the poor heroine and the rich, dashing hero...sigh...I was so hooked. Strangely though, each time I read it after that, I found something new in the story. I began to realize how rich and multi-layered Ms. du Maurier had drawn her characters. The story itself is filled with twists and turns and a complexity that draws you in as a reader. You feel her story and it never gets old. This book was published over seventy years ago and yet the story itself is as powerful today as it was in 1938. Romance, love and betrayal are timeless and so is Rebecca. If you haven't read it, trust me, you should.

As a writer, examples such as Rebecca let me know romance doesn't always follow a bright and cheery path. Sometimes, it blooms in the shadows despite unseen forces working against it. For those of us on the dark side, vampires, werewolves, demons and other creatures are not mutually exclusive from romance. On the contrary, it often makes the romance more intense, the passion more powerful and seriously, who can resist that? Not me! And so here I am in the Black Rose garden and may I say, very happy to be here, with my own take on romance, love and beytrayal in Souls of Sorrow coming out in October. I thank authors like Daphne du Maurier, Anne Rice, Dean Koontz, Charlaine Harris, and Nora Roberts (gotta love the Circle Trilogy), to name just a few of my favorites, for giving me many hours of wonderful reading. For opening my mind beyond what is seen and taking it into the world that exists beyond the shadows.

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  1. You've named quite a few of my favorites. Enjoyed your post. :)