Friday, July 23, 2010

Where did I start?

I didn’t start out as a novelist. I kept a journal. I wrote poetry. I took a creative writing class in college and had the teacher tell me to write for myself. It was after I started reading romances that I thought I could do that. Do you remember Barbara Cartland with her gypsy princes, corporate moguls, royalty and lost heirs? I think I read every book. Her writing reawakened the belief in love and happy endings that real life had battered to a pulp. I wanted to write stories to make the reader feel good.
I had an old computer, but my first effort was on a typewriter. It was awful. When I realized it wasn’t as easy as I thought, I joined the nearest romance writers group. I planned on finishing that first book in a month or two, then get published.
I learned it wasn’t that easy. The first book took me years because I kept going back and redoing. My first sale took me ten years.
I don’t regret the time it took. I’m still learning. I love the writing process, the people I’ve met, and seeing my cover for the first time. I love sharing my stories and plan to keep writing the Rhodes End series that started with Ancient Awakening.
Coming soon from The Wild Rose Press, my next release, Ancient Blood, pits a werewolf against the man stalking his mate.
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  1. "Ancient Blood, pits a werewolf against the man stalking his mate." I'm already intrigued. :)