Saturday, August 7, 2010

about writing

Hello, and happy August. :) The question is: What brought me to be a writer? Well, it started a long time ago. In second grade, I liked to write poetry. I'd read it to my family. In high school, I wrote a lot of songs then eventually stories. Sometimes my sisters and I would put on plays and act them out at home, but it was really just for fun. In college, I wrote novel length stories, but just for my own amusement. Finally, in my thirties, I got the courage to submit to publishers. It took a few years to get a book deal.

I didn't read romance growing up, but I got married young, at 19. My mother-in-law handed me several romance books, and I liked them and sought out more. The happy endings are what hooked me for life. Then I began writing romances for the happiness they brought. And paranormal...well, I had an unusual childhood and an unusual mother. She taught me a lot about the supernatural when I was growing up. I combined the two genres, romance and paranormal, and had so much fun with the results that I'll do it again! Paranormal allows so much for the unexpected. Many people go for the mythical type and write about vampires and werewolves--great! But i don't write that type. I go with the things my mom taught me about, supernatural things that I believe actually exist: angels, the astral plane, karma, ghosts...and I throw in something that i wished existed but is still a blast to write about even though it's only in the realm of imagination: time travel.

That's the great thing about paranormal. It encompasses so much. As a wide open area, it offers a myriad of things to touch upon, and authors can write a huge variety of plots with this genre. -Corinne


  1. So many writers started writing when they were younger and let life get in the way before picking it up again. Your story sounds a lot like my own.

  2. I love writing paranormal, too. It lets us create different worlds and bend the rules of so-called reality. That's always fun, isn't it?