Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Journey

When I was a child, I loved to read. For me, it seemed the natural next step was to try and write. My first story, written sometime in elementary school as a project, was Glartian the Martian, a children's book about a character whose differences made him feel alone. Depressing, but with a happy ending, of course. My next attempt was a romance. I was all of nine or ten at the time. So, what did I know about romance? Nothing, which is why the story was so bad. Horrible dialogue and wandering plot.

My attempts at writing stories ended there. But, I still loved to write. Poetry. Papers. I derived pleasure from creating fragments and sentences to convey my thoughts.

Ten. Twenty. Years went by before I once again tried my hand at story-telling. Purely as a means of distraction and entertainment. Distraction from studying for comprehensive exams. Entertainment for my husband, who also loves to read.

Family encouragement led me to submit my first short story, His Ship, Her Fantasy, a sci-fi romance, and lo and behold it was accepted. Then came His Hope, Her Salvation. Click here to buy.

Why sci-fi? Why fantasy? Why romance? I love to speculate and I love happy endings, so why not?

My journey continues into many realms...erotica (look for Twice is Not Enough, coming soon from The Wild Rose Press), suspense, flash fiction. The journey is exciting and nerve-wracking. I never know where it will take me, but the ride is fun.


  1. Paranormal is my passion, but I do love the sci-fi channel. :) I do agree with you, a happy ending is a must.

    I bet you're glad you picked up the pen again. I'm sure your fans are.

  2. Thanks, Karen. I have to admit I go a little crazy if I don't get the characters out of my head. :)

  3. Emma,
    I wonder if there is a writer on the planet who didn't first make the attempt at penning a story while still in grade school? I love science fiction fantasy romance. Maybe some day, one of your books will make it into film and onto the Sci Fi channel. Wouldn't that be a kick in the pants!

  4. How neat that your family encouraged you! Look at the books you've released! May you have many, many more new stories to tell.