Thursday, August 5, 2010

Why writing?

Why did I start writing? I think when your day dreams become narrated scenes in your head, it's time to put the images on paper or someone my decided that you're 'Not quite right in the head.' Ya know what I mean?

I remember babysitting when I was a kid for a whopping one buck an hour, ya, I'm that old, and once the kids were all tucked in their beds I'd be sitting there either reading a category romance or putting pencil to paper. I wrote the beginning chapters of several books long before I ever experienced a real 'love life'. Boy do I wish I'd kept those first chapters. Sadly, I didn't. Writers are born, in my humble opinion. I'm just geared that way. If I could mold the way I dream, I would. Have you ever woke up from a fantastic dream frustrated and then sit there and add the happy ending you want? I do.

I'm Catherine Bybee... maker of dreams and happily ever afters. :-)


  1. Catherine,
    I thought I was the only person nutty enough to add endings to my dreams after waking up. lol!

  2. Nope! You're not alone! I'm not sure if that menas we both need to be on a 5150 or not! LOL

  3. Thank goodness there are so many authors with voices and stories in their heads. They are my entertainement and the key to my lifeline when the day to day pressures become too much.

    Eliza March

  4. Catherine,

    Add me to the list. Yep, I add endings to my dreams, too. Gotta have that perfect ending. lol

  5. Great post, Catherine. How lucky we are to be "not quite right in the head." Like musicians, storytellers have the 'right' to be different.