Sunday, September 12, 2010

Plotter? Panster? Plantster?

Hi, my name is Emma Lai, and I'm a recovering panster. I used to write by the seat of my pants. My characters dragged me this way and that. It was like a rollercoaster ride. The peaks were moments when my fingers flew over the keyboard racing to keep up with my characters. The valleys were times when I was stuck trying to recapture the momentum of the peaks. Both His Ship, Her Fantasy; His Hope, Her Salvation and Twice is Not Enough (coming soon from The Wild Rose Press) were written in this manner.

What happened? As always, life. Create a series and suddenly there's the issue of overarcing plot. That requires tracking. Create a baby and suddenly your spare time becomes used for things like showers and food.

That ever precious commodity of time leads to the requirement of plotting. I don't have time to let my characters drag me this way and that, but I do have time to catch the essence of the journey. A few lines to spur my memory and the story can progress in my head, if not on paper.

But, if I had my way, I'd still be a panster. :)


  1. Great advice. If only I could follow it!

  2. I wish I could just sit and write and have the story fly from my fingertips. I'm trying to plot now but my characters still try to go their own way, even when it's not the best thing for the story. BTW, congrats on your upcoming new release!

  3. Thanks Taryn. Don't worry. I find it hard to follow my own advice. :)

  4. Thanks Lilly. Characters do have a mind of their own and love to drag us authors into tight places that we then have to figure out how to write our way out of.