Friday, October 8, 2010

favorite Halloween costumes

Hello, there is so much to like about this time of year...the weather, pumpkins everywhere, colorful leaves, candy and more candy, costumes...

I dress up every year for Halloween. My day job is at a school, so I have fun wearing different costumes every year.

If I think back in time all the way back over my life, I had some favorite costumes that stick out in my mind. When I was a kid, I was Ms. Pac Man, with a big, yellow costume made of cardboard. I slipped inside the head; Ms. Pac Man's mouth faced forward. Another year, I was a die, wearing a white box with black dots on it. I wore white pants and painted my face white, with big black dots on my face.

In my twenties, when I was in college, I dressed as an angel one year, with huge white wings made of real feathers. My bus ride home was interesting, with lots of comments directed my way. My husband dressed as a vampire that year, in all black. He had long hair at the time, and it looked really cool, especially when he wore his trench coat.

One year, I dressed as my daughter, who was a teenager at the time. She did a great job making me look like I could be her twin sister. Another year, I enjoyed wearing the costume of an elven princess. This year, it will be a 1950s teenager, pink poodle skirt and all.

I don't know; it's just fun dressing up. :) What were your favorite costumes over the years? -Corinne M.


  1. My favorite Halloween to date was a couple of years ago when a friend hosted a 70's/80's prom party. I loved the 80s, but was too young for prom. So I got to live out a fantasy as well that night. I wore a silver wig cut in a bob...think Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman...with a black and white strapless dress and a lace petticoat underneath. I also wore a pair of form fitting knee high, black boots that look like they laced up the front though they zipped on the side. Hubby went totally 70s with tan, zigzagged polyester pants, a shirt with butterfly collar and a tan and orange vest.

  2. Sounds like some fun costumes over the years! I love Ms. Pac Man. How fun to work at a school and getting to see all the children in their cute costumes! Have a great Halloween!