Monday, October 4, 2010

Favorite Halloween Memories

I enjoyed Halloween as a child but I really fell in love with it after I had children. My daughters and I would plan their costumes months in advance. We loved making and creating costumes rather than buying them. Once, my youngest daughter went as Pippy Longstockings. We even put wires in her hair to make it stick out. My older daughter was a black cat and my little cousin was a clown.

When I was little my siblings and I dressed scary. Devils, vampires, mummies. And we often wore store-bought masks. But my girls wanted cute. Or creative. Like the Pocahontas costume my oldest daughter helped design from her grandfather's undershirt.

My husband and I would take the girls trick or treating around six and then come back to the house for a party. We'd even make up games and have prizes. The kids loved it.

They also loved the candy. And oh, how my girls loved chocolate, especially the youngest!

I miss those days. But perhaps my most memorable Halloween was October 31, 2007. On that Halloween, I had completed my last chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer and had already begun radiation treatments. By then, I knew I was going to survive. I was bald as an eagle but so was my adorable little nephew. But he kept his Halloween hat on for the picture and smiled at me as if to say he thought I was beautiful.

My brother took the picture and then apologized because he thought I might be self-conscious about having pictures taken without my wig. I wasn't. That wig came off my head the moment I got home from work. I hated it. And quite honestly, I think my head looked pretty damn good without hair--not that I'd ever want to go bald again. Bald heads stick to the back of the bathtub when you're trying to take a nice long soak in the tub. I'm actually very thankful for my hair and try never to complain about it. Having hair makes for a better picture when you're doing a book signing.

Halloween is a fun holiday, but I hope people will remember that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And I'll be posting breast cancer survival stories every Friday and a couple of Wednesdays throughout the entire month of October on my blog:  So stop by if you get a chance and read about my journey as well as some other TWRP authors' experience with breast cancer.

Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween and
reminding women everywhere to Think Pink.


  1. I never thought of Halloween as being inspirational but your blog has made it so.

  2. What beautiful memories, Lilly! I love the Pippi Longstocking costume! And my mother went through chemo, too. We didn't like the wig she had to wear, so instead she wore a blue handkerchief/turban type cloth. My little brother called it her blue hair. I'm so glad you shared this with us. Happy Halloween!

  3. Thanks, Tricia! Hope your mom's doing well.

  4. Great pictures, Lilly! My husband works at a cancer center and we've had many friends affected. I'm so happy to hear you beat it!! Thank you for a wonderful, inspiring blog!