Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween memories

Hi All! Like most of us Black Roses, I love Halloween. However, I rarely got to go trick or treating as a child since I was usually sick this time of the year. So my mom would dress my brother and me up in our costumes, give us a bag, plop us on the couch and have all our friends stop by and we'd trick or treat out of their bags. It was a lot of fun!! Except I couldn't eat the chocolate, being allergic to it for years. Luckily that allergy is mostly over. :) Now, I love having the neighborhood kids stop by and seeing their costumes. So much fun! And we can dress up at work. Which makes the day rather interesting.

Not sure I have a favorite scary movie. I hate the slasher/gore ones, but like anything with ghosts especially if it's either true or based on the truth. PBS specials on ghost hunting have been known to creep me out to the point where I have had to call someone to come over so I'm not alone. Of course, that was many years ago when I was still single. :) The one movie with a huge creep factor since it said it was based on truth, was this one where this lady was being visited nightly by a demon in her bed. Can't remember the name of it, but man, it made me leave the night light on. It never showed the demon, but did show demon handprints on the lady's skin. EEEWWWW. It's scaring me just thinking about it!

May your Halloween be enjoyable and may you get lots of treats!



  1. Hi Karilyn, Great blog! I don't care for gore either, but I adore the ghost hunter shows. That movie was "The Entity" and yes, it had a total creep factor. Have a great Halloween.

  2. I'm allergic to chocolate too. I used to eat it but developed an allergy to the phenol in chocolate about 15 years ago. I miss it. :(