Friday, October 29, 2010



When I was younger and on outtings with my parents the best thing I could've seen was Halloween costumes on display in the windows or hanging sporadically throughout the store subtly reminding us that magical night where witches did fly-bys on broomsticks, sorcerers conjured up spells to turn people into old presidents or rockstars, and the pitter patter of tiny feet filled the streets, All Hallows Eve approached. Bags of candy too filled the isles, placed there to taunt me (and still do to this day). I have however figured out how to end thus taunting.... grab the wicked little treat and s-l-o-w-l-y peel the wrapper from each little chunker of chocolate until it is stripped of its confines and then sink my teeth into it in a frenzied feast until that little candybar is no longer a viable threat~until it hits my hips. My strong point? Knowing I can take on the entire army of little bars one by one until there are none :) I rule the candy kingdom!

Dressing up whether its for a party or Halloween has always been enjoyable. To become someone you're usually not, be that elegant for an evening or some slum who crawled out from the depths of the underworld in search of a howling good time. It adds zest to your day or night. When I was 6 my Mom made me into a princess. Not just any princess... All right, so there were a slew of us wanna be's out there, but I wore a red velvet ball gown that was my mom's dress she cropped down with a white furry collar {praying it wasn't real} and a tiara (and to this very stinking day I now know where my infatuation with all things that sparkle came from) with real diamonds. That's what I was told and I'm sticking with it. Of course the crown had to be returned to London Tower by midnight so I never saw it again. Dammit. Stripped of my title at such a tender age :( It left me green with envy~literally!
My hair used to be long enough to sit on and almost is again. My gram sent me next door to the beauty parlor to get ringlets put in. Had to be perfect for the party. A day I'll never forget. My hair was taken in a bazillion strands and tied up with rags and was gobbed with Dippity Do~ did I just age myself, yup & it was dowsed with at least one can of arosol that to this day chokes the life from me and left to set. It dried alright~ into one giant freakin knot. Had to have a few of the clumps cut out. Traumatized didn't cut it. My dad was ready to kill the woman and understandably so~

I was of course apeased with chocolate... that has not and shall never be replaced with anything else for consoling me. With the exception of wine :) It's an adjunct.
Anyway, I won 1st prize that night. Fifteen bucks. Trust me, that was a lot of moola back in the day.

As life cycled I had my two kids and I did the same thing my mom did. I made their outfits when they were 3 & 4 years old. At that time 101 Dalmations was the hottest movie out. I made them into Lucky and Wizzer ( I won't tell who was who). We paraded down our street, tails wagging, kids barking until they were hoarse for 2 days to come and my kids won 1st prize as well.
Christopher, Ashley & Caitlyn

I love Halloween. Always have. It's one of those nights that even if you can see your breath and you have a snowsuit on under your costume you know you're going to have fun. The carved pumpkins illuminating the night, the spooky music sending chills down your spine, the haunted hayrides making you snuggle closer to your date, and did I mention the candyyyy??? It's simple fun. It's something the family does together and isn't that what holidays are all about? Hanging out with your loved ones, whether they're Jason, Princess Leah, Lady Gaga, Frankenstein or my personal fav, the Count?
Needs no introduction

Happy Samhain to all. To all wiccan, blessed be. To my editor in chief, Callie Lynn~ happy editors day. Love you. Hope you're enjoying your favorite holiday.
Jaclyn Tracey


  1. I have to treat myself to white chocolate. I'm allergic to regular chocolate. And yep. I remember dippity do. A little dab will do ya!

  2. Hi Lilly,

    I love chocolate white or black. Not fussy. But white chocolate chip cookies with macadamia nuts and cranberries...ummmm!
    ok, now I'm hungry.

    As for a little dab? The hair needs the entire jar today.