Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Six Great Things About October

1. The weather turns cool in the South. After long months of sweltering summer days, the first fall breeze blows into my hometown leaving the air clean and crisp. The outdoors once again beckon and I can enjoy long walks with my family.

2. Halloween. What better holiday for a writer than one where a person can be anyone or anything she chooses? As a child, I dreamed of being Wonder Woman. I thought she was the most beautiful woman in the world and who wouldn't want bullet-repelling bracelets and a magic lasso?

3. Costumes. I still think superheroes are sexy. But my fantasies also include historical periods such as the Regency period in England, the Victorian age, the Roaring 20s and the Medieval Ages. Really any costume that makes a woman bask in her feminine power.

4. Scary Stories. I love, love, love being scared. And the media industry capitalizes on the month of October by lining up all things scary. Whether it's an article in the local paper about why Galveston Island is one of the most haunted places in America, a book entitled Married with Zombies or a scary movie of the non-gory kind...it's a good month to be entertained.

5. Oktoberfest. Who doesn't love a good festival...especially one involving great beer and delicious sausage? I got to attend the festival in Fredericksburg, TX this year. The weather was gorgeous and the Texas Hill Country reminds me of the hills in Austria. I hope to one day attend the original Oktoberfest in Munich.

6. Renaissance Festival. Again...who doesn't love a good festival? And this one gives me a good excuse to dress up as a tavern wench.

My list could go on and on, but I'll turn the floor over to readers to share their lists.


  1. Veyr nice blog, Emma! We live in the south, too (Florida) so Oct is a nice month to walk outside without melting (feel kind of like wicked witch of the west May - Sept, lol). We love Renaissance Festivals! My husband is gorwing his beard for the festival in November. Happy Halloween!

  2. NC is usually warm in October, but growing up and when my girls were little, it was so hard choosing a costume. Some were just too hot, but the temperatures are known to dip in Oct. as well so you didn't want to risk getting cold. I've been known to run the AC and the heat in the same week during the month of October!

  3. I love Florida, Sharron! A great place to be during the winter months. Have fun at the Renaissance in November.

  4. LOL, Lilly. I know exactly what you mean. We have a general rule about leaving the heater off unless there are consecutive days of below 50 degree weather.