Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thanksgiving memories

Our last poster did such a nice job bringing to mind the history and meaning behind this special holiday, so I thought I'd do something different.

Every decade, Thanksgiving was quite different for my family and I. As a kid, we would do the traditional thing and go to a relative's house to enjoy the holiday together over a feast. Also, I really liked the Peanuts' holiday special on TV with Charlie Brown and the gang.

When I just began my adolescence, everything changed for us. We were thrown into poverty, but my mother brought my sisters and me up with spirituality, so I endeavored to find the beauty in things despite our new living conditions.

I liked Thanksgiving and Christmas because of the way it affected people around me. I witnessed more kindness and cheer, more warmth and humane treatment of others, and the spirit of the season was a spiritual thing for me. Seeing people's smiles of hope brought one to me.

I married at 19, and so at age 20, entering my third decade of life, I had a new baby. That was a memorable Thanksgiving for me with my brand new daughter and young husband, and the following Thanksgivings would never be the same, whatever our circumstances would become.

Skipping ahead to the Thanksgiving when I was 39, the first without my mother, was particularly sad, but I leaned on what she taught me and drew towards the spiritual aspects of the season, which I admit, I had drifted away from. This time of year always brings back so many memories and deep pondering.

Does it affect you in a strong way, or is it just another day?

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  1. Definitely not just another day. For me, it's a time for family even if circumstances force you to wait until the weekend to celebrate. And even when a family member has strayed from the fold, there's always hope and prayers that The Prodigal's Son isn't just another story.