Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy Christmas and New Years...

When I was 3 years old I lived in West Virginia, a warm sunny state back in the day, not known for an abundance of white fluffy flakes, but moreso steamy nights spent kicking the covers off the bed. December 24th arrived with a heat wave so in my mind Santa had a dilema... how to get his reindeer and sled to my house with my presents. I mean after all I was a good girl all year. I was on his A list for Pete's sake, I deserved all those gifts. Needed them. Seriously, how much trouble can one little girl get into :) My motto, don't ask and I won't lie to you .... Well, my dad~ who I miss more than words can ever descibe, told me Santa always had a back up plan. At 3, you believe everything your parents tell you. 13 is a hole new can of worms but for today, we'll stick with my exiting toddlerism.

Christmas Eve we sat around listening to melodies ripped out by Bing and Frank and people singing back up to them that had no business singing, (specially after partying all night~yeah, my mom and dad were a part of this~instigated it actually). We lived kinda sorta close to the airport, Dulles to be precise since my daddy was a ATC and worked there.
He told me the lights I saw illuminating the sky from the airport were actually Santa getting closer. Well, when the helicopter landed in our front yard and Santa hopped out with his giant red sack filled with presents galore for all the kids in our hood, it was in the words of a little kids, "WOW!" Santa hugged me, told me I was special and then he hopped back in his chopper and headed out to the rest of the kids in the world.

It wasn't until I was old enough not to believe in Santa, that my dad told me about the pilot that was one of his bf's and played dress up for us. That was just 1 xmas I'll never forget. Each got better as the years passed until my parents passed on. Now its my turn to pass on my memories to my kids, who by their own rights are young adults. My baby girl will be married in 11 months and my son graduating from Plattsburgh with his bachelors in Criminal Justice and Sociology. No matter how old we all are we still hope to spend the day laughing and in the arms of loved ones. The gifts are our family and friends. The presents~ the icing on the cake, or more apropos, the little things we do to tell people we love them.

Happy Christmas to all of you and Happy New Year as well.

To my niece, Jennine and her fiance, Joe who will wed tonight, New Years Eve, I wish you a life time of good health, laughter until your cheeks hurt, prospertiy and love.

Dream big~ then pursue them with vengeance.


  1. What a wonderful post, Jaclyn! The pilot who dressed up as Santa would make a great hero for a holiday romance novel! Does anybody else have ideas rolling around in their head right now?

  2. I agree that the gift of family and friends is so important. As we get older it is even more important to stay close. We were blessed as kids to have so much family fun/time together. Ideas for a new book, I bet Jack's head overflows with stories from childhood and her relatives.... deba