Saturday, January 15, 2011

Happy New Year 2011!

I hope everyone enjoyed a happy and safe New Year's celebration this year. I attended the birth of the New Year with my family, a bottle of sparkling apple cider for the kids and a glass of red wine for the adults to celebrate. My husband and I also participated in our traditional tarot reading for 2011. If you're interested you can read more about that on my blog.

Inevitably with the beginning of any new year, thoughts turn toward how to make this year better than the last. I enjoy making resolutions to challenge myself and at the end of the year I look back to see if I've accomplished any of my goals.

This year I've set myself up for a lot of accomplishments, both personally and professionally. Here's my list (so far!):

-I've never had a goal to lose weight before, but after having 3 children in 4 years I've discovered the desire to fit back into some of the clothes I packed away during my pregnancies.

-I plan to write two new novels and 3 to 4 short stories. I can write fast if I keep myself locked in a room far away from my family, but I understand if I do this my children will likely destroy my house. I plan to re-evaluate this goal in 6 months.

-I also plan to edit and revise 2 novels I finished last year and submit them for possible publication.Again, locking myself away from my family would be beneficial...

-I'm going to brush up on my language skills this year. I took 4 years of German class in high school (oh, it seems so long ago!) which has done me tremendous service since I had the opportunity to visit Germany a few years back. But, I really want to speak fluently and not enough to just-get-by.  And, I really want to go back to visit Europe more thoroughly. I might have to plan this for next year's resolutions.

-My husband has offered a challenge for me this year. He thinks I can learn to play the violin. Being a musician himself and with the growing numbers in our family, I believe he is preparing to mentor a musical group of some sort and is trying to get a head start with me. I think he suspects it might take me 20 years to learn this instrument. But, it's an interesting challenge and I'm going to attempt this with enthusiasm.

-And every year since I've had kids, I resolve to become organized, especially regarding my paperwork. I usually wait 365 days before I begin to attempt this. This year, I might try to make an effort a little earlier.

That's my list. As always, it's a work in progress. What about you, dear readers? Any plans for 2011 that you would care to share?


  1. Wow! You've really challenged yourself this year. Good luck with the weight loss. I'm still pakcing on the extra pounds from my second pregnancy and my baby is 21!

    I'd also like to learn some German. My daughter and son-in-law live in Germany. He's an air traffic controller in the army, stationed at Graf. We visited in 2008 and my resolution for 2011 is to visit again. I'd also like to complete the sequels to Out of the Darkness and my June release, Slightly Tarnished.

    Here's hoping we both have productive writing years!

  2. Happy New year! Boy are you a busy person! :) I am challenging myself to meet each day with a smile from this day forward, spend more time with my children and more time writing. The last two may be contradictory, but doable, I think.

    Good luck in all of your endeavors!

    Melissa Murphy

  3. I like to keep busy. There's so much I'd like to do, the day is not long enough! Even when I'm watching TV, I'm cross-stitching and analyzing the show I'm watching, putting my writer's mind to work! I wish you both the best of luck with your goals! I know we can achieve them!

  4. Wow, I feel like a slacker! Although I'm with you on the weight loss. I've finally got my rhythm going in that department and hope to keep it going and get this excess off. Good luck with the music. It sounds like lots of fun.