Sunday, January 30, 2011

One month into the happy new year

So, we are 30 blissful days into our new year. How's those resolutions going? Mine~eh! My 1st one ended roughly 10 minutes into the year. Vowed to cut back on cussing. Not happening anytime soon. My 2nd one took 2 weeks before I started it. Decided to give the liver some respite. No telling what will happen come St. Patty's Day though. My 3rd & 4th are stuck on a rollercoaster. Getting time to write without being constantly interrupted and getting my workout routine back in shape (or would that be me?) Kinda one and the same. Started the year off with my niece getting married. And will pretty much close out the year with my daughter's wedding in Nov. The dress is bought, and came in yesterday. Her father saw it on her and for the 1st time in umpteen years, the man was speechless :) That however was about as shortlived as my cussing sessation.

So, I always thought resolutions were for people who were unhappy with their life style. I was wrong. They are for people who are trying to better themselves and their families. Whatever goals you've set out to accomplish, may you overcome any obstacles and achieve your deams.


  1. Nice post, Jaclyn. I'm not usually one for resolutions, but I came up with a good one this year and have managed, for the most part, to keep it. It's to find as much joy as possible in the moment at hand. (Inspired by my toddler.)

  2. Emma, awesome resolution. Toddlers inspire every aspect of our lives. Our imagination, love, laughter, sleepless nights that delve into an entirely new state of awareness. (consciousness?). I miss my kids being little. Oh well. Enjoy your new year and your little one. Pretty soon, you'll be in my shoes.