Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Can men really understand women by reading romance

Valentine's Day this month :) Always a lovely time to be a romance writer.

With Valentine's Day in mind I thought I would share a little article with you. Over the years I've heard a few men say they should try reading romance as it might help them understand women. Here's a story about some men who did. A recently engaged writer hopes to be the best husband possible and decides to read the book on his fiance’s nightstand with a few of his friends in order to gain some insight. ...

“Spontaneity, I think it’s a big thing,” The Executive said. “Malcolm’s always doing things like grabbing her breasts, fixing bikes, punching guys’ faces.”

It seemed we were onto something. I scribbled “spontaneity” on my notepad, and we dug deeper. We read some sex scenes aloud. The Jock reached for carrots and dip. ...

It's worth reading the article just for the punch line. :)

PS: I've got a new novella out so if you're looking for a quick read to enjoy during the month that celebrates the kiss, try REDEMPTION'S KISS.

Blurb: Lauren's been alone for a long time, too long. After all, there are few who understand her condition and need for blood - then she meets Rhys. He seems like a perfect match on all counts, until her bite sends him running.

Rhys thinks he’s met the woman of his dreams, that is until she sinks her teeth into his neck and his dream turns into a nightmare.

Now Rhys has a choice to make. Is being with Lauren the biggest mistake of his life? Or is she his salvation?

Enjoy your week.
--Louise Delamore



  1. I know some authors who worked with their husbands on their love scenes, and they said it helped their husbands understand them. I don't know how it last though. lol

  2. My husband reads all of my stories though I'm not sure it makes him understand me any more. The other day, he looked shock when I told him my heroes were all based on him in some form or fashion. (Don't worry all my heroes aren't the same, they each just have one trait or another that I really love about DH.) You'd think the man would know how much I adored him by now. *Sigh.*

  3. Love the blurb for Redemption's kiss!