Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quick... name your favorite...

Quick, name your current favorite author. Don't think, just write down a name.

Now, tell me your all time favorite book from this author.

The next one is harder... tell me your favorite WRP author. And don't go all PC on me, I want a from your heart answer and the book that made you come back to that author over and over.

Now let me ask you... is the answer to your first two questions here hold any resemblance to the author you named from TWRP?

Reading is like coming home out of the cold. We grab a book, our e-reader or even our computer and curl up on the couch with big jammies and either hot coco, or a glass of wine. It's so nice to fall in love again with each book we read.

So if you don't have a big lug to hold onto on February 14th, be sure and grab one from TWRP. There are plenty to go around.


  1. Favorite Author - Janny Wurts
    Favorite Book by Author - Sorcerer's Legacy

    Favorite TWRP Author - Cindy Spencer Pape or Stacy Dawn

    Favorite TWRP Book - The Cowboy's Christmas Bride or Reindeer Games

    My favorite TWRP authors are different than my favorite author. They write in different genres but they do all have characters that I remember.

  2. *Hangs head in shame* I haven't even heard of Janny Wurts - and although Cindy and Stacy are on my 'check out their work' list, I haven't read either of them.

  3. Favorite author: Jim Butcher
    Favorite book: Any of the Harry Dresden series.

    Favorite TWRP author: Eliza March
    Favorite TWRP book: Hot Highland Fling

    Jim Butcher is my favorite because I love his sarcastic humor. I love Eliza, because she writes some pretty hot erotica, but they are totally different genres. I have extremely wide tastes in books. From Crighton, to Connelly, to King, to Moning - but my taste is mostly non-romance, simply because there are more surprises.