Friday, February 4, 2011

Unplanned Romance

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and couples are scrambling to think of that one perfect evening to celebrate. I have a double dilemma. My husband's birthday is February 13, so I have to think of something special to celebrate both occasions. Most years, he gets a combo gift and dinner out. And this year is no different. I bought his gift last night and we have reservations for three at Maggiano's on the twelfth. Yes, I said three. My youngest daughter wants to help her daddy celebrate his birthday, and after thirty years of marriage, I'm have no plans to make Valentine's Day the most romantic evening ever. Because in my opinion, romance is often spontaneous and not planned at all.

One of the most romantic evenings I've had recently was when we went to the beach for New Years. My husband and I went out to dinner on New Year's Eve but it was nothing special. The next night, however, turned into a very romantic evening. And it wasn't planned. Before going out for supper, we walked on the beach at sunset. The weather was unseasonably warm and there was a low lying fog on the beach. The view was breath-taking. There was also a Christmas tree on the beach decorated with shells.

We held hands, talked, and shared a kiss as we watched the sun splash mauve, pink and orange across the water. It turned into a very special evening without any preparations at all.

In October, we went to Mum-fest in New Bern. It was a fun day, but not particularly romantic. Until we decided to take a carriage ride through the historic city. It was our first carriage ride together and quite romantic. And again, it was something we hadn't planned on doing. It just happened.

Still, there are times when a little planning goes a long way. A bottle of wine. Dinner and dancing. A weekend get-away to the mountains or the beach. But if money is an issue, a quiet evening at home can turn into a wonderfully romantic evening. Few plans are needed. A snuggly blanket, a roaring fire, and a movie you both love can lead to so much more if the heart and mind are open to romance.

Love isn't always about lingerie and roses. Sometimes, it's just a word or a touch that set the heart on fire, and those spur of the moment decisions can turn into a beautifully romantic evening if we just let it.


  1. I prefer unplanned romance myself, Lilly Gayle. I don't need extravagant dinners or gestures, and I certainly don't make them.

    Friday mornings, my husband takes our son and lets me have some uninterrupted me time. Needless to say I'm always in a great mood when we meet up later. But, this morning, which is crazy cold, I went out and bought hubby some coffee (which he could of made at home, but our son was acting up this morning) and Nilla Wafers. I popped back in with the treats, and the look hubby gave me has kept me warm.

  2. I'm taking dictation from my husband, who is also a writer. I've asked him for his opinion, something he loves to give. His thoughts on a romantic evening: "We walk through the old section of town, holding hands and looking at buildings that have stood for a couple centuries, wondering what converstions those old walls have heard, what murmors of love, what laughter, what tears. We walk to the riverfront and watch small boats coming in for the night. Then we walk to an intimate cafe for coffee and dessert, hold hands and talk about all the good things in our lives. And I am reminded once more that I have the most beautiful wife as we talk. A man likes to spend one-on-one time with his woman and feel he's the most important person in her life." My Calvin is 79 and greets me every morning with a kiss on the hand. We met on eight years ago.

  3. Emma, love those warm fuzzies! And Vonnie, I absolutely love your hubbies idea of a romantic date. Love old buildings and walks through town. And holding hands and standing up kisses! Thanks for stopping by ladies.

  4. Hmmm. I posted earlier today and I see my message didn't take. ;>( Great Post, Lilly. You made me go ah.

  5. I agree that unplanned romance is by far the most romantic! Lovely post, Lilly

  6. I have to agree. An unplanned romantic evening or day is the best!

  7. Thanks Karan and Sharron for stopping by!