Monday, March 21, 2011

The Blurb

So sorry to be so late. I seem to be running like a nut and getting farther behind! So what else is new, you may ask. Well, a lot! Book Three in The Champion Chronicles has a new name, a great blurb, a gorgeous cover, and a release date. Yay!! After a few sleepless nights, "Inheritance" became HIS SOUL TO KEEP. I love the title! And thanks, Callie Lynn, for the brain-stretching drama. It fits perfectly and ends the trilogy on a high note. Once we had the gripping title, it was blurb time. That also went through transformations, but the final product captures the essence of Michael's quest:

Destiny is rewritten for Michael Malone, a mystically enhanced vampire, with an outcome so unexpected that everyone in his world is stunned - Michael most of all. Suddenly mortal, he faces challenges unlike any he has ever experienced. Alana, his Guardian and soul mate, questions how the evil that lived within Michael was vanquished. Lukas, his human son, doesn't trust his father's heartbeat, and Michael himself has no answer.
The bonds of their love will face the greatest test of all when the ancient demon anchored within Michael for 317 years is discovered within an innocent human.
Can Michael, Alana, and Lukas destroy the evil unleashed in order to give Michael his soul to keep?

Now for a bit of shameless promo. His Soul to Keep releases July,22 2011!

Okay. Back to blurbs. I love to read them. Good ones make me open a book and sneak a peek. It's often difficult to grab readers with 200 words, but a good blurb will. I look for drama, a hint of action as well as emotion. Although a writer doesn't want to give too much away, you can draw a reader in.

Do good blurbs sell books? I'm not sure, but writing it tight, chock full of words that flow, sets the tone.
I'd be pretty irate if I was misled by blurb, excerpt or even cover art. Wouldn't you?

Angela Anderson's stunning talent does my novel justice and TWRP's blurb department really delivered. Gosh, I'm so proud to be a Black Rose in TWRP's growing garden!

Have a great day ~ Mickey Flagg 


  1. Thanks, Tara. Angela did a fabulous job on all three of my books, but this one - ah... I'm totally in love with it. I previewed the cover at the LSFW conference last weekend. It got quite a few 'oohs'.
    So do check out The Champion Chronicles.
    Love a different type of vampire:)
    Stay well!