Saturday, March 12, 2011


How does one follow Lilly Gayle's Blurbing 101? I racked my brain for something good to add and couldn't come up with one thing. Writer's block on writing. So sad. All I can do is provide copies of my blurbs with the comment that I strive to capture the main emotion of the story and convey it to the readers along with an idea of the story type.

His Ship, Her Fantasy
Ellie Woods is in love…with a ship. When an argument with the ship results in a bump on the head, she finds herself in the strong arms of Alastair. But, who is he, and where did he come from?

Alastair has loved Ellie from afar for years, but duty has kept him from revealing himself to her. When a grave threat reveals his true identity, he hopes that Ellie will choose reality over fantasy.

Emotion: humor
Story type: action fantasy 

His Hope, Her Salvation
Promised in marriage to an abusive oaf, Judith resolves to find out if there can be passion without love. Snatches of conversation overheard at the local inn lead her to a mysterious American merchant who might be able to satisfy her carnal curiosity and capture her heart.

Donovan, a Guardian Hunter, is on the trail of a rogue Elysian in Georgian England. As the son of the First Hunter, he long ago gave up hope of finding his heart's mate. When Judith appears in his study, his inner beast and his heart demand he answer her plea for help.

Emotion: tenderness
Story type: action fantasy

What do you think? Did I succeed?


  1. Emma,

    You succeeded. :)

    I listened to His Ship, Her Fantasy from Audiolark. I enjoyed the unique tale. :)

  2. Thanks Karen! Didn't Audiolark do an awesome job?