Tuesday, March 29, 2011


To blurb: To babble in a short structured fashion with limited availability or room for adjectives to add flavor to the next word, nouns to make it whole, pronouns to do what they do best, (if only I knew it is what they do), verbs to keep us on the edge of our seat, adverbs to add lib to the verb and give them a lil break, RUN-ON-SENTENCES... anything that expands upon the true nature of what 300+ pages goes into nauseating yet spicy, sometimes downright juicy details to cover the most intimate, intricate webs we've weaved thus giving the readers an insight as to how truly twisted or talented, or (pat your chest to quell the palpitations) how disturbingly trodden one's tale of love, mystery, romance, til death do us part or not quite dead in some paranormal plots can actually be.

Thus, the need for the blub.
Something I've yet to master:)
The End.

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