Sunday, April 24, 2011

Researching Ancient Blood

When I started Ancient Blood, I had no concept of the amount of research I'd need for a contemporary. Sure, paranormal is wide-open, but the author creates her world as I did with Rhodes End.
Rhodes End is one kind of research we tend to skip over. Although its mine, I have keep details in a file so I can check that the cemetery is named St. Harriet’s and the Reverend is Father Michael. Do you turn right or left when you drive to the animal control kennel from Center Street? Where does the Police Chief live?
After that I walked into a werewolf society and need to know the rules. After time spent learning about wolves, I created my Pack Laws. Although I didn’t enumerate them in the book I needed to understand why the pack members acted the way they did.
Next are genetics. What happens when a werewolf mates with a normal human? Does it make a difference if the werewolf is the male partner? Female partner? I wrote both combinations and needed to know the outcome.
So here I am in Rhodes End and I need to know if Wolfsbane will kill a werewolf. Does Wolfsbane grow in New England? Is it poisonous? Yes and yes. Just touching the sap can harm you so gloves are recommended when touching it. It’s also a beautiful blue spike of flowers that was grown for its medicinal use.

If all this makes you curious, Ancient Blood is a May 27 release from the Black Rose at The Wild Rose Press. Visit for an excerpt
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  1. Ancient Blood sounds like a great story! And I agree, even for a paranormal, you can't just make stuff up. You have to create a world and rules and then follow them. Or, have a believable explanation as to why something like wolfsbane will kill the antagonist but not the hero. I ended up doing a lot more research than I expected when writing Out of the Darkness. And the sequel isn't easier. World building isn't always easy!