Sunday, April 10, 2011

To Research or Not to Research

Hi! I believe that you should research the background of your story, especially if you are writing an historical. You don't want to state that something historical happened in your book when a savvy reader can verify that it did not happen at that time in the past. This is a good way to get readers to stop reading you.

That said, I don't do a lot of research for my stories. However, I do have to do some research, even for my fantasy novel. Even though I made up the world, I still needed to know about swords. Something besides they are long and pointy and if you stick it through someone it's not a good thing. I used the internet to determine some differences between swords. Another good place to go to look at swords is your local Irish Festival. Or Renaissance Faire. I've never been to the Scottish Festival, but I bet they have swords too. There are several booths and the sellers are more than happy to talk about their types of swords. It gives you a look at the size of them too, much better than pictures on the internet. IMO.

Since my werewolf stories are set in Montana, a state I've only been 1/2 a mile into, I had to look up settings, scenery, and a couple of laws to make sure my heroes weren't breaking obvious laws. Again, time for the internet.

For another story that is currently camping out under a pile of items in some closet, I used the library as I couldn't find the info needed on the internet. I suppose that makes me a multi-media user. :)

What's your favorite place to do research? Internet or library?


  1. I think I'm adicted to the internet. lol!

  2. The internet is a great starting point. Then I turn to my personal library.