Monday, May 30, 2011

Oh S#@t, here comes the mailman...

You've done all the work, which is not limited to 40 + hours a week times 6 or more months of dedicated, titilating, heart stopping, drool over the guy with tatts and wicked blue eyes writing. You've missed dinners. Sleep? Is there such a thing with a party of characters all babbling at once in your brain nightly? You've learned the finer art of take out, given your kids PBJ's all week coz you've got a scene in your noggin you can't lay to rest until its on paper (or on the computer) and then you've read and reread your MS. Erased. Made changes. Begged people to read it for you to make certain it flowed through their brain the same way it did yours. Once you've been given that seal of approval from a peer or trusted family/friend/some poor unsuspecting buggar you cornered and pleaded with, you send it off to uncommon grounds. Not certain whether the environment will be hostile or a warm welcome aboard. And you wait.
For the mail man...
Here he comes... I can hear the truck so plainly. Also hear my dog barking at him. (Grin!)
He pops the envelope in your box and drives off unknowing he's just delivered your future fate/state of happiness/wellbeing or dispare into your lap. Will we drinking champagne tonight or will I find comfort in a container of cookie dough icecream???
Or both.
My 1st MS was delivered back to me in 1 week.
For the record, nothing I've ever done in my life has been the easy way or politically right way.
I wrote for a year straight. Got someone to go through my 1200 double sided pages ms and correct my lack of knowledge where spelling and grammer were concerned and I shipped that baby out. My MS came back in the same box I shipped it out in. Hmmm. He must have scanned it. Delusional to the very end!
I was so excited until I unfolded a scant piece of paper sitting on top of my work. The only line the publisher wrote me was, "Get a ETYMOLOGY book and a writers guide book before ever sending this out again."
I scraped my jaw off the ground, got into my car and hit the book store and the icecream store and the wine store on the return trip.
The other thing I've never been good at is taking No for an answer.
Never let another person put you down or your work. If it's something you believe in, never give up. Learn from what others have said and learn from your mistakes but more important, be true to your heart.

Happy Memorial Day to all of you and God bless our troops and their families for their sacrifices.
Eden's Black Rose

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