Friday, June 10, 2011


Head hopping drives me nuts. I can handle it when POV changes at the beginning of paragraph, but not in the same paragraph. Confusing. In my writing, I switch a POV by a line break. Sometimes it's a scene break, but other times it's not. However, it is clearly defined to the reader that a POV is changing. That's just me though. :)

My favorite POV to write in is first person. Since I like to read romances with both the hero and heroine's POV, I had to switch to third person when I started writing romances. This was an extremely difficult switch! One of the advantages of first person (in my mind anyway) is that you can show only what the protagonist sees. So if your protagonist is an optimist, then they have their rose colored glasses on and miss out that the world is going to seed. Then you have the ability to ensure that things aren't as they appear until the protagonist and reader finally figure out what's going on.

When writing in third person, I feel more of the character if it's written in deep POV. It puts me into their head without the writing being in first person. Do you like this way of writing?

Whichever POV you choose, the only advice I'll give is to please, please, please not head hop! :)

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