Monday, July 4, 2011

My Editorial Wish...

Before The Wild Rose Press published my first book, I sometimes waited a year or more before hearing from a publisher. Or, I'd go several rounds of revision letters without a contract only to get rejected, often because the book didn't follow a certain formula the publisher found marketable. I didn't have that problem with TWRP.

From the moment I received an email acknowledging receipt of my first manuscript until the email congratulating me on a release date, the editors at TWRP kept me informed and up to date on the progress of my submission. I signed my first contract in May 2009 and Out of the Darkness was published in May 2010. In the length of time it took to get a rejection letter from other publishers, my book was accepted, contracted, edited, and published by TWRP.

Lill Farrell edited my paranormal romance, Out of the Darkness, and Alison Byers edited my historicals. Slightly Tarnished released 6/4/11 and Wholesale Husband is set to release 9/28/11.  Both ladies were knowledgeable and dedicated.

They did a professional job and at no time did either Lill or Alison suggest changes to make my books fit a "formula." The rules for TWRP are simple. The stories must be well written and have a happily ever after ending. And the editors make sure of it.

I do wish TWRP books were available in bookstores or WalMart. And I wish we got an advance. But since neither of those things are in an editors' purview, I have no complaints or suggestions for either of my editors. Lill and Allison are the best. Thanks ladies!

Oh, and since today is the 4th, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish all Americans a Happy Indepence Day. And thanks to the men and women in uniform who keep us safe!

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