Friday, August 19, 2011

Putting the Heart in the Heat

Sex scenes. For my money, no good romance is complete without ‘em. I like them hot, steamy, full of sexual tension, and apt to leave me breathing harder by the end.

But the thing sure to get me most worked up is when the author gets into the head and heart of the characters, and makes you feel what they’re feeling—not just physically, but emotionally. Why does the physical connection feel so good with this person? Why is this liaison meaningful and significant to the characters? What does this partner make a character feel that no one else has ever brought out in them before? What former hurts or insecurities does this joining begin to heal? How and why does each sex scene bring the hero and heroine closer together?

When an author puts that kind of heart into the heat of a sex scene, it can go right off the charts.

For me, writing the physical action of sex scenes is relatively easy. I have the great fortune of seeing my stories play out in my head like a movie, and I can move around within them as if they were 3-D sets, seeing how bodies are positioned, where hands are placed, etc. This usually helps me create detailed descriptions of the physicality of the scene. More challenging for me is to get the emotional reactions to each physical experience. Something I’ve learned about myself as a writer is that, in first drafts, I tend to nail the physical action and dialogue, but skim over the emotion in places, so further developing the emotional reaction is always on my revision agenda.

Here’s a peek at some heartfelt sex from my paranormal romance, FOREVER FREED:

And then she lowered herself down fully and took me inside her. And it was over. At that point nothing mattered. Not the past, nor the future.
Only now. Right now. This second. This feeling.
I’m home.
I’d had other women. But everything I thought I remembered about being inside a woman was obliterated by the intense pleasure and sense of connection I felt with Samantha wrapped around me. Decades had passed since I’d felt the slick ecstasy of a man and woman joining together. More than a century had passed since I’d experienced how true love could make the act a spiritual experience full of bliss.
Samantha lifted her body up slowly, nearly to the top of me, before lowering herself down again. I watched myself disappear within her, a sight so full of belonging and eroticism, I simply surrendered to the perfection of the moment.
“Ah Cristo, I’ve wanted you.”

So, that’s my take on this month’s topic: love scenes. Hope you, ahem, enjoyed!

Laura Kaye
Hot, Heartfelt Romance – Because everyone longs to belong…


  1. Very well written, Laura! More than just sex appeared in that excerpt! :-))

  2. Sigh . . . . that was perfect. I love writing sex scenes because it is my number one opportunity to show the most growth, insight and feeling into my characters story.

  3. Thanks Jan! And, Robin, I so agree!

    Thanks for stopping by, guys!

  4. Great scene. Well done. I could feel the emotional connection--very powerful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for the reminder to focus on the emotion. I've been putting off writing the sex scenes in my WIP for a while, but it's time to get to it!

  6. Yes, Alysia, whip them into shape! Well, not literally, of course, unless it's that kind of story! *wink*

    *waves* Hi Vonnie--thanks for stopping over!

  7. I like scenes that are more than just sex. You did a great job. Saw your post on Savvy and thought I'd pop over. :)

  8. They were having sex? All I read was the intense emotion connection between the characters. Very well written scene. For me in reading, the sex act is very secondary. I need to feel the emotional connection between the characters.

    I like sex scenes just like the next girl but so me the emotional connection first.

    Great post and exceprt.

  9. Thanks Ciara, for liking and popping over! ;)

    Harlie--awesome compliment!

    Thanks for dropping by everybody!

  10. I so agree that the emotional connection is far more important than just the physical act. Describing the physical act may be considered erotic by some, but for me it's the emotional impact that makes it it so much more than just 'sex' and therefore sensually satisfying. Loved your excerpt

  11. I loved the intensity of that scene when I read the book! Very well done, and may I say, classy. Yes, Laura, you are a classy sex writer! ;-)

  12. LOL Thanks Calisa...though, er, not always! :D