Friday, August 12, 2011

The Secret of Love Scenes

A good love scene draws me in, makes me feel like I'm one of the characters. I feel the best way to accomplish this is with the sensory details. If we're talking about a kiss--because yes a love scene can be made of a single kiss if done properly--then where are the hands, what are the feeling? How does the breath feel caressing the cheek before the kiss? What does the person taste like? Details. Details. Details. That's the key.

That said...details, details, details is also the hardest thing for me to write. I have to go back again and again and picture the scene happening to make sure I get everything just right. This, of course, means the easiest thing for me to write is the down and dirty action.

The first love scene I ever wrote hasn't been published yet. I'm actually in the process of editing the story with hopes of getting it published. The first love scene I ever wrote that has been published was for His Hope, Her Salvation. Click here to read the blurb and excerpt.

I will freely admit the whole thing had me squirming when it went into edits. Whenever I write a love scene, I feel like a voyeur, and then to have someone critique the scene makes me feel like I've been caught in the act of spying. Maybe this is the very sensation that inspired my first erotica, Twice is Not Enough, which is also available from The Wild Rose Press?

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