Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's all about Character

It’s all about the characters-

Or maybe not.  Plot has a lot to do with whether a book is good or not. If the plot is too big or the characters get lost in all the subplots, then the main plot isn’t strong enough. Or, the author wandered off course and forgot what the story is about or whose story it is.  But even a good plot can get bogged down by too many characters or characters with, well, no character.

When a writer creates a character, that character has to have a personality. And a backstory. But every character in a book can’t have his/her entire backstory spelled out. Then it wouldn’t be a book. It would be a list of traits and historical facts on people no one cares about. The backstory has to be woven into the characters’ personalities.  Events from the past motivate the characters to do what they do or think the way they think.  The past shapes them and the writer must be true to each character’s personality when making them act, re-act, or speak. Nothing is more irritating than male characters in a romance novel that all start sounding alike mid-way through.

If a secondary character is a prankster, then don’t have him brooding like the hero or saying things that aren’t in his nature.  Remember who your characters are and be true to them and their goals.

I have a tendency to get bogged down in the plot, but I don’t really have a problem with my characters. Except when they insist on becoming something I never intended.

Released May 2010
Set to release 9/28/11
While writing Out of the Darkness, I didn’t initially plan to make it a series. I had two historicals I was editing for submission.  But vampires were hot and I thought I had a unique twist. So, I concentrated on OTD.

Published 6/3/11
Initially, I wasn’t sure if Gerard was going to be untrustworthy or unforgiving of Vincent for turning him into a vampire. But Gerard was sure.  He wanted his own book and he wanted to be the hero. So, I let him have his way. Now, I'm working on his story, which is the sequel to Out of the Darkness. Now, a couple of other characters are whispering in my ear..."Tell my story next."

So, with a bit of luck and some plot changes, I hope to finish Gerard's story this year and submit it. Then, I just might have to listen to those other characters. 

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