Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Romantic Halloween?

Our theme this month here on the Black Rose Blog is about warm and fuzzy memories of Halloweens past. But I have to tell you... I don't remember a single Halloween with a romantic twist to it. So when I sat back and thought about what I should write on this page today, I did remember all the scary movies I'd watched in the past. Often times I'd watch these movies with a special someone by my side... protecting me from the big scary monster in the closet on the screen. It wasn't until I was an adult that I realized the boys asked girls out to scary movies for the soul purpose of scaring the crap out of us. I know it didn't take much for me to jump and scream and imagine headlights following us home from the movies.

There is something psychological that happens in every one of us after we've been scared. The sympathetic nervous system, or fight and flight response of our body, is how we often respond to being scared. The parasympathetic nervous system, or feed and breed, is how we respond when we're relaxed and not in fear for our life.

So, note to guys taking girls out on a date this Halloween...
Scary movies = Girls running away and getting out of the mood for any Samhain nookie
Chic Flicks = Girls getting all those warm an fuzzy feelings that might increase you chances of some Samhain nookie. 

This is life according to Catherine, which has no scientific data to back it up and should be seen only as her whacked out way of looking at life.

Then again, I just might have something here.

Catherine Bybee, Author of Soul Mate.  Fictionwise, ARe, and Amazon Bestseller in Anthology's