Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Thankful Thirteen

Here's a fun exercise--write down the first thirteen things that come to mind when answering the question, "What am I most thankful for?" Don't give yourself time to think or organize the list or make it pretty or edit it or wonder what you're leaving out. Just write as fast and as stream-of-consciously as you can. I did, and here's what I came up with:

NJRW Golden Leaf Best Paranormal of 2011!
1) My girls
2) My writing
3) Being published
4) My family is healthy
5) My husband
6) I have a good job
7) My sweet/bad dog
8) My best friend Lea
9) Apple pie
10) Summertime
11) All my new writer friends
12) Today
13) Time

When I finished that, I was like But, wait! What about? And...? LOL But it was very cool to see what came out, and I agree with everything on the list, even without having paused to really think about it!

I'd love for you to share your Thankful Thirteen in your comment! Or even just a fewer number if you prefer! 

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Thanks for reading & commenting! And hope to see you 'round TRS!


Laura Kaye


  1. Great post!

    My Thankful Thirteen:

    1 My boyfriend
    2 My cats
    3 My house, whiny b*tch that it is
    4 Food
    5 Writing
    6 Books
    7 Fall Leaves
    8 Poetry
    9 Art
    10 Dance
    11 Music
    12 Immunizations
    13 Good health

    And now I'm in the "wait, what about..." category myself. :)

  2. Ah, I love it! Here's my list:

    1.My husband.
    2. My kids.
    3. My creativity.
    4. My passion.
    5. My friends.
    6. My mentors.
    7. My health.
    hmmm.... if I can't think of anymore does that mean my life's not that full. lol. Great post. ;)

  3. @Anna--great ones! I love your list!

    @Rachel--lol NO! It's does mean that--you've got big categories of thankfulness there, lots of things fall within them! Love it!

  4. Okay clearing the cobwebs from the brain here, no worry about being profound just going for it - top of the head thirteen.

    1. Smell of fresh ground coffee beans.
    2. First sip of the coffee after it brews and the cream and sugarfree syrup is just right.
    3. My awesome son.
    3. Hubs.
    4. Books.
    5. Ereaders.
    6. Awesome book blogs.
    7. You are a winner emails.
    8. Roof over my head.
    9. Work to pay for that roof.
    10. Fun facebook friends.
    11. Authors willing to share their journey with us readers.
    12. Netflix.
    13. I Smell Sheep with moonpies and kool-aid fights, cake, and silliness :)

    Thanks for the fun this morning.

  5. Excellent post. Here are mine:
    1. My husband
    2. My boys
    3. The fact that I had my grandmother for 96 yrs and she'll always be with me
    4. My health (5 yr breast cancer free)
    5. My friends
    6. My sight ( I can read lots of yummy books)
    7. My husbands excellent job (grew up poor)
    8. My beautiful home set in the woods
    9. My guardian angels
    10. My drive
    11. My grand puppy PeeWee
    12. My memories
    13. My ability to cook :)

  6. @Denise--those are great ones! Love it!

    @Victoria--Another wonderful set of things for which to be thankful! And congrats on five years breast cancer free!!!

  7. my kids,
    my grand kids,
    my husband,
    my friends,
    my mother
    my kindle
    fall leaves
    summer sunshine
    winter snow
    spring flowers
    fire in the fireplace
    cooking with Tristan

  8. Okay, here I go...
    1) my boys
    2) my husband
    3) stories running around in my head
    4) my job, even if it gets in the way of the stories running around in my head.
    5) the briliant person who discovered mixing coffee and chocolate
    6) my nine year old dog is healthy
    7) my crit group who has pushed my writing and brought the best in me
    8) my laptop (last years christmas present from my husband)
    9) my husband (he deserves being mentioend twice because without him I would still be writing in notebooks)
    10) my kids know MY grandma
    11) thin crust pizza
    12) Great sex
    13) Did I mention my husband?

  9. Loving your list, Renee! Thanks for commenting!