Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thoughts for 2012

January is almost over . . . finally! It has to be the longest month ever. Thirty-one days that feel more like sixty-one, the awful weather (here in the UK anyway) dull, grey and often raining. We haven’t even had any snow this year to brighten the dreary landscape. But my cat thinks it’s nearly Spring, so there’s hope. The picture above shows her in her new role of bookmark!

I’m not really one for making (and breaking) resolutions, but a new year is still a good time for change. Dig out that long forgotten manuscript for instance, blow the hypothetical dust off, and finish it! Or simply get rid of a few annoying characters in a particularly grisly way – well we are Black Rose J I had a character who’d still been lurking in the story somewhere near the end of the sequel to Fledgling, and had become more than a little bit aggravating. I didn’t know what to do about him for a while, and I wasn’t sure how to resolve the plot finale with him still a part of it. So, I’m sorry to say, come 1st January, he was history! I felt better, even if the character didn’t.

I’m quite disciplined when it comes to writing, I set myself deadlines and try hard to keep to them. It doesn’t always work of course, because other work gets in the way, and sometimes life gets in the way. But my characters are a feisty lot, and they do take over. There’s no arguing with them. (Unless I kill them off!) Hopefully the second month in 2012 will see the spectacular finale to Renegades now that my aggravating character has been removed from the equation. If that’s a kind of New Year’s resolution, then it’s one I vow to keep!


  1. Half way through Fledgling and I'm totally gripped! Thrilled to hear you're working on a sequel - roll on 2012!

  2. Thank you Ruth :)
    I'm so pleased you're enjoying it.