Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Celebration Time!

It’s nearly two years since I got my first Black Rose contract. Because of the time difference it was about 11pm here, and we were watching the Eurovision Song Contest, laughing at the truly awful songs, and the even worse outfits. I decided to shut my computer down for the night, and that’s when I discovered an email from Callie saying she loved my book. I read the email and then re-read it a few more times just to make sure I hadn’t had one glass of Shiraz too many. (I didn’t want to start whooping in case I’d made a mistake.) Later, of course, there was much whooping – and also more Shiraz – after we realised it was real, and so my journey in the garden began. I’ve only ever worked with editors as a cover designer, so working in the role of new author was a real learning curve. I learned so much from Callie, things that had never even occurred to me before. (Like using ‘which’ or ‘that’ too often ☺) But I’ve enjoyed everything from signing the contract, and working on the edits with Callie, to contributing to the monthly Black Rose blog. The Wild Rose Press is like a family, and I’m proud to be part of it. Congratulations, a very Happy Birthday, and huge thanks to everyone who works so hard to get our books out there. xxx


  1. Happy Birthday to TWRP and all the roses therein!!!

  2. I would have to agree that working with Callie is wonderful!!! Thank you for being part of the Garden!!!

  3. What a lovely start, Berni! Congrats on many years of success with TWRP and wishing you many many more!

  4. Hello, Berni! Love the graphics:) You are a wonderful writer and graphic designer as well a joy to work with.

    Thank you so much for dropping by to share your story and birthday wishes.

    Callie Lynn

  5. Thank you :)

    Here's to more years in the Garden!


  6. How wonderful! Wishing you many more years of success! Happy Birthday! ;)