Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hello All!!! And a very Happy Birthday to The Wild Rose Press from all of us in the darker side of the garden!! Namely, Black RoseJ

Today we celebrate six years of success here at the TWRP. We have climbed to heights beyond our wildest dreams in a mere six years.  And we have the infamous RJ Morris and Rhonda Penders to thank for this.

Congratulations, RJ and Rhonda! 

You deserve all the best as you celebrate the wonder of six years in the business of publishing fabulous stories by the most talented authors—new and seasoned. And a heartfelt thank you to all our very talented authors, for without you we would not be where we are now.  And last but not least – the editors. All our talented and knowledgeable editors who work so very hard at pulling the diamonds out of the rough to provide the very best stories for our readers to enjoy and lose themselves in.

Come pull up a stump or fallen log. Sit with us and enjoy some celebratory cake along with our special cider.  Actually, we here in Black Rose have two celebrations at hand.  Today is May Day as well! 

May Day is our Pagan Spring and May Pole celebration.
May Day began as an ancient pagan festival held to celebrate the return of warmth to the earth and the beginning of the growing season. The Druids of the British Isles called the celebration Beltane. Flickering flames rose toward the sky as a symbol of the sun. Farmers walked their cattle through the fires to purify the animals and bring good fortune to the coming year. (Holiday description borrowed from Lifescript a site for women and healthy living. For more information please visit site.)
It is celebrated by placing a festive floral basket on the doors of family, neighbors and friends. As well, dancing about the May Pole as illustrated above with the cute squirrel graphic, LOL I just thought it cuteJ
Anyway, I digress. Back to our birthday celebration!  I’d like to take a brief walk down memory lane and share a bit of my history here at the TWRP.  I do tend to ramble on at times but will make every effort to keep it short so Lill can share her memories.  We invite you to share yours as well.
Here goes:
I stumbled into the Rose Garden more than five and one half years ago. I had been working for an epublisher that handled mostly mystery, nonfiction, and SciFi so I was seeking employment that better fit my interest, which is as you all know dark paranormal.  I noticed a sidebar for employment opportunities and applied.  Rhonda called me a day or so later and Voila! I got the job—but not in my desired capacity. Yet. She assigned me to Champagne, and I spent my first six months with Roseann.  I enjoyed working with her and learned so very much, but my desire was Black Rose  We were still a new press in those days and there was no room in the darker side. So I made myself at home in Champagne, our contemporary line, which was and has always been one of the busiest lines. Need I tell you, I always had work:)
One day, out of the blue, Rhonda contacted me and asked if I would like to move into the Black Rose line and take the SENIOR EDITOR position. I was flabbergasted. And very frightened, to say the least. I’d only been with the TWRP a mere five to six months! I wasn’t qualified to take over a line, I thought to myself. No matter I’d been editing for over eight years. I was also a bit fearful. I didn’t want to let Rhonda down. I had no clue what to do in a senior capacity, but in the end, she talked me down. I took the position and still LOVE my job to this day.  I can’t say enough about TWRP and its people from management, editing staff, to all the various departments such as, art, readers, marketing. The Wild Rose Press is a dream job. And its staff, collectively, like family. Not much more to say than I continously count the blessings of having stepped into the garden all those years ago.
I’ve grown with the TWRP and am fortunate to have watched it grow.  We’ve seen many changes—some for the better, some not so. We’ve also said goodbye to many editors—some of which are still missed to this day, many who moved on for an abundance of reasons. But the key motivation seems to be treating all with compassion, love, and respect for the craft of writing.  We truly are the “the kinder, gentler publisher” and I for one am proud to be here.
Cheers, TWRP, Rhonda and RJ
And the entire staff!!!

Thank you all for sharing this special day with us. I will now turn the floor over to Lill Farrell. And I would like to say a special thank you to Lill for keeping our blog going. It is quite a responsibility to keep things fresh and interesting, and she does it so very well. Also thanks go out to all you who have a hand in posting to our blog. 

Oh, by the way, you will want to read what Lill has to say.  A little bat whispered in my ear that she has quite a few surprises up her sleeve.

Callie Lynn Wolfe
Senior Managing Editor
Black Rose Imprint, TWRP

Lill chiming in here with Happy Birthday Wishes for one-and-all. And a huge congrats to the amazing Rhonda and RJ!!! I hope everyone finds time to celebrate TWRP’s sixth birthday today. Writer, reader, editor, artist, blog follower all are part of TWRP’s success. We really do have a wonderful group here in the Garden, though of course I am partial to our dark corner.

I can’t even tell you how I ended up finding out about editing spots at TWRP. Four years ago I had just moved and was doing one of those long-winded internet searches that lead you from page to page until you forget where you started, and in a split second of good fortune stumbled upon a posting looking for editors. An email (or three) to Rhonda, a couple of phone calls later and there I was.

Like Callie, I started out in other departments (with my eye fixed on Black Rose). My first editing journey was with a wonderful little Faery story and then I too spent some time in Champagne with the wonderful Roseann. And like Callie I suddenly found myself with the opportunity to join Black Rose which was a dream come true. And that dream has only grown.

Callie is just amazing to work under and our authors keep me hopping with their amazing characters and plots. The talent within the Garden is truly awe-inspiring and with each new submission, I find myself transported to wonderful places filled with hot heroes and spicy heroines. In addition, I work with some of the most amazing, interesting, talented and wonderful people on the planet What more could a girl ask for?

So I invite you one and all to join in our Birthday Celebration.  Visit the blogs, stop by on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and leave a comment (or two).  Since you are all such a big part of what makes TWRP such a great success and a wonderful place to be, we are going to give YOU gifts!!!!  There will be 6 prizes given away with the grand prize being a KINDLE FIRE!!!!!  Having just gotten one myself I can tell you they are amazing!!!!  

Lill Farrell
Black Rose Editor
The Wild Rose Press


  1. Happy birthday and wishing you many more years of continued success!


  2. Happy Birthday. Here's wishing you many, many more.
    I've loved being a Rose in the Garden and plan on adding more titles.

  3. Happy 6th Birthday to The Wild Rose Press and wishes for many, many more!

  4. Happy Birthday to The Wild Rose Press, wish you the best!

  5. Happy birthday and many more!

  6. Happy Birthday! I'm wishing you many more.


  7. Happy 6th to TWRP. Can't wait to see what year 7 brings.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at gmail.com

  8. A very Happy Birthday to TWRP, and many,many, more :)

    Berni xxx

  9. Happy Birthday Wild Rose Press and Happy May Day :) May your garden grow.


  10. Happy Birthday to The Wild Rose Press!


  11. happy birthday!!

    It's been an amazing journey

  12. I can't believe it's been 6 years! I first signed with TWRP in January 2009. Now, here I am a little over 3 years later, and just signed my sixth contract with the press! A big thanks and congrats to all the hard working editors and staff and lots of love to the readers!

  13. 6 years! Amazing! Love the Black Rose line as well. I miss being able to help out as a preliminary reader over a year ago but feel my writing has to be my focus. Happy Birthday!!

  14. Congratulations on 6 years. I wish you all the best. I love reading your books!

  15. Happy Birthday! Congratulations and here's to continued success. * Raises my glass *

  16. Happy Birthday! Congrats on the 6 year mark! How awesome! :) Your books are great! I love them! Looking forward to many more years of your work! ;)

  17. Happy Birthday Wild Rose Press and congratulations! Your prompt, courteous communication is greatly appreciated, and your relationship with your writers is worthy of envy! Wishing you many more years of growth and success!

  18. That is so wonderful! Thanks for sharing your stories, Callie and Lill! Wishing you all at TWRP many more years of fabulous success and books!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  19. Happy Birthday TWRP!
    I'm thrilled to be a part of the garden.
    All the best!

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