Sunday, August 12, 2012

Support from the Home Front

If your loved ones completely support your writing endeavors, quit reading this post and give them a hug.

If sometimes you feel like you "don't get no respect" from the home front regarding your writing, keep reading.

A few years ago, my 12 year-old son happened to glance over my shoulder while I was writing Howl.  He spent the rest of Saturday repeating a rather provocative line of dialogue.  Some sexy talk loses some of its appeal outside the bedroom.  And it loses all appeal when it is recited by a 12 year-old.
    "What are you writing?" My husband demanded.
    "Paranormal Romance," I replied.
    "That will never sell," he said dismissively.

My first thought was Won't Charlaine Harris be surprised?  Then I thought I'll show him.

Fortunately, TWRP did not share my now ex-husband's literary view.  Roar! my second title with TWRP was released last week.  Now that they're older, my kids are supportive of my writing.  Maybe it has something to do with the chocolate pie I bought to celebrate my contract for Howl.  My kids are paranormal fans in their own right-my daughter is a devoted follower of Teen Wolf and my son is a college junior and our resident zombie expert.

So if your loved ones don't get it about your writing don't despair.  Keep writing, they'll eventually come around.  And an occasional chocolate pie doesn't hurt.

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